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B& H Lawyers are a boutique legal firm based in Mulgrave with 15 staff and were Steedman Consulting’s first client way back in 2006.

In 2009, Steedman Consulting set up and configured a Windows SBS 2008 Server. This ran smoothly for 7 years until it was decided to migrate all email to Office 365. Steedman Consulting was engaged to manage this.

Over a weekend, all data was archived from the SBS server and uploaded to Office 365 and the old Exchange Server decommissioned. With the Exchange Server no longer required, resources were freed on the old server, allowing it to still be used without the cost of new hardware.

Steedman Consulting also assisted with the migration of the On-Premise conveyancing system to a Cloud-based application.

There was no downtime experienced by the staff in this migration. All mobile devices were quickly and easily configured on the Monday morning to access email.

Any queries around Steedman Consulting’s association with Blaak & Associates can be directed to Andrew Blaak, Senior Partner at

Steedman Consulting have been looking after my business for over 10 years. Great support and always availiable they have helped our with our IT Solutions as our business has grown.

Andrew Blaak

Senior Partner


B & H Lawyers



JAN, 2017





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